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Simple Playtime

The most recent statistics found that in 2017, the world toy market was worth £89 billion.... I repeat that again, £89 billion!! As of June 2019, the population was around 7.7 billion. Do the maths as work out how much is spent on average per person.... The means each year, on average each person spends… Continue reading Simple Playtime

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It has been around a year since my last blog ....! In some ways, it seems to be so much longer, and other ways it seems even less. The past year has been a strange one! From saying goodbye to a family member moving out, and on to better things, to saying farewell to 3… Continue reading Update

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Hope in the Midst of Chaos

The anthem of arguing children resounding in the air. Voice after voice shouting for what they want and ask for. The whirring of the washing machine spinning round, and round and round. The sound of emails pinging back and forth vying for priority and for answers. Christmas presents squashed into the wardrobe, bursting to escape… Continue reading Hope in the Midst of Chaos

Happiness · simple living · Slow Living

The S word

Self care. What springs to mind when you think of these two simple words? The individualistic, consumeristic self, indulging in 'care' which is additional, luxurious and hidden? Or the definition of self? The entirety of a person, mind, body, soul, spirit? Ownership and autonomy over particular set of features? What images springs forth from 'care'?… Continue reading The S word